I develop Software since 1985 starting with my C64. After my Master Thesis in Computer Science 2001 I started my Professional Career. 

2002 – Professional Software Developer 
2016 – Investment Robot based on Bondora’s P2P Loan API
2020 –  Contributor to non-commercial openHAB Smarthome project






In 1994 I finsihed my vocational education in a Bank based in my small hometown. Since then I started investing.






Since 2020 I’m Solar Energy Producer. The Electric Vehicle was bought in 2019 and now the fuel is taken directly from our roof. Amortization time is calculated to 8 years so final yield is approx. 12.5% so it’s a perfect investment in these times. 

That’s why I started developing bindings for openHAB because my E3DC Home Power Plant and my BMW i3 wasn’t supported so far. 

Now openHAB takes care on the optimal energy consumption for

  • House Comfort
  • House Cooling & Heating
  • Car Energy usage


Since 2006 I start taking Photos in order to have some creative balance to my technical oriented Computer work. 

Most enjoying is Street Photography because I’m not addicted to “Beach Holidays”. You’ll find my work on Flickr.

  • 2012 – New York City 
  • 2013 – Shanghai
  • 2014 – Japan
  • 2016 – Cuba
  • 2018 – San Francisco